In my last day of class this week we talked about things that are in our Feminist Tool kits. A Feminist Theory class in case you are wondering. A class i enjoyed. As we sat around a feminist table and discussed what tools we have to enable us fight for equity music came up quite …

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-Fall 2017 Reads-

Hello book people! Here are some of the books that I have been loving recently. Some of them are books that have been on my TBR list for ages but I have finally gotten down to it. I begin as I must (quick fact: I picked this line from a beloved film and I use …

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-God Help the Child: A (short) Review-

My friend and i are at the bookstore on a Friday night. i am looking, reading, smelling books when i chance upon Toni Morrison's God Help the Child. Okay, i will admit. i was drawn to this book by the title. i like lyrical titles. Something about this title. So of course i bought the …

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-Vancouver in 24 hours-

Couple days ago i was in Vancouver. Just passing by. Clearly without enough time to do anything. Didn't help that one of the days it was pouring buckets. Spent that day jet lagged, sleeping, reading and sleeping some more. Yea, not what you want to be doing in a beautiful city like Vancouver. So with …

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-Penticton, BC I adore you-

Hiya good people! How about we head to Penticton, BC for a little holiday. What do you in one week in this gorgeous place? First off, wine tasting. Yes, this is wine country people so the first thing you should look to do is wine tasting. I guess this is what I was most excited …

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-now you call me honey-

the city has the newness and the familiarity only a strange city can have. i am amazed by the openness of it. standing here i see all the way. i could stand anywhere and i'd still see all the way. it reminds me of the city that i called home between '07 and '13. but …

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-the small steps-

look at you. false starts. impossibilities. pitfalls. and here you are now. you have come this far. stop. listen. smell. feel. see. sit down for a minute. rest. you are here now. see the small steps. they have brought you here. see the small steps.