How is it possible. We were once nurtured by the same river. Now i don't know you. And you don't know me. What have we done Robin?



No. That book is not being written. You have said no. i am learning to live with it. Most mornings i wake up thinking who is this person. Me. Where am i descended from. You have said no.

-5 of 2017-

Happy New Year Folks! Thought i should start this year reflecting on the books that i loved last year. This is, quite frankly, a very hard list to come up with. i enjoyed all the books that i read last year. Have to admit though i still haven't finished Murakami's 1Q84. Maybe this year. In …

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-ends 2017-

Alice Walker. Finally got my hands on the Colour Purple. i know what you are thinking...yes it's taken me ages to get this read but i finally did and i am loving it. Books. Went book crazy this year and collected loads of them. My TBR list is staring at me right now as i …

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-getting inked-

Finally. At the start of this year i decided i wanted to get a tattoo. As the months flew by i just couldn't get the time. No, really. i was a bit nervous of course given that it's my first tat. But also i had to make sure i got a good tattoo artist and …

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What more could i want. You say to me. And i think have you lost your mind. i have lost every part of me to get here. Strange that you were here all along and haven't seen how broken i -we- have become.


Waking up feeling totally empty. The utter madness of feeling full lively rich with life one day and feeling so empty the next has me by the throat. One day i am believing in dreams and magic and there's a spark that comes with it. One day i am lying in bed thinking what's the …

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