"I do not find the pleasure in reading anymore" Someone I deeply care about recently told me. These words hit me hard. You have to understand; words, books, reading is something we have always shared with this person. It is -I should say was- our thing. Some people you meet via mutual friends, some in … Continue reading -change-


Hear the Wind Sing: A Review

This is Haruki Murakami's first ever story so when I chanced on it in my local bookstore I didn't hesitate. Btw, for all the Murakami fans out there he has a new book out now-┬áMen Without Women. Go check it out. Without further ado good people, I give you Murakami's Hear the Wind Sing. "Eat … Continue reading Hear the Wind Sing: A Review

-today she had a beer-

Beer Everything she hates Everything you love(d) Soon as she came of age She promised herself to dissociate From things that you love Things that stole you from her That coloured her childhood with Fear. Fear. Fear. Fear. Fear. Fear. But today. Today she had a damn beer.

-bus people-

There is nothing that beats the bus and its people. You see all sorts of people in the bus. Some are regulars; you see them most days of the week and you are beginning to feel like you are one big happy family. There is that guy who sits across from you, always in sun … Continue reading -bus people-


Working days and nights Nights and days Trying and failing terribly Trying and getting it right To become somebody. Not knowing we already are somebody We became somebody years before we met the world We are not becoming somebody We already are.

-summer 2017 reads-

Hiya guys! How are we doing? I hope alright. Between having my thesis done and submitted to examiners and starting a new job I have just about managed to do some reading. I thought I'd share some of the books that I have been loving lately. Guys my summer reads: It begins as it must … Continue reading -summer 2017 reads-

-more of Eastport, NL-

Hello folks, What are you up to this week? Any road trips? Here are some more pictures from our trip to Eastport. The local garden center is gorgeous. More flowers. You can never have enough flowers, can you? A neat little picnic place in Terra Nova National Park. Driving through the park. A friend offered … Continue reading -more of Eastport, NL-