-ends 2017-

Alice Walker. Finally got my hands on the Colour Purple. i know what you are thinking…yes it’s taken me ages to get this read but i finally did and i am loving it.

Books. Went book crazy this year and collected loads of them. My TBR list is staring at me right now as i write this.

Captain. Chief finally made captain. Such a great feeling seeing people i love make such progress in life. Good stuff.

Driving Licence. Yup, only now learning how to drive.

Empty. Feeling less and less empty now. To think there were days that i ran on empty. What sadness.

Foods. Totally lost my way in the kitchen. Can’t cook for shit now. How’d this happen?

Gratitude. Always grateful for e’thing.

Home. “don’t spend your life searching for a place to call home. Make the bones in your skeleton the only structure you need”

Impressionism. That’s right! i am in art school now. Haha, not really. But i am loving discovering and learning all about art from Expressionism to Fauvism to Abstraction.

Japan. Turns out 2017 is not the year that takes us to Kyoto. 2018, you down?

Kyoto: i will see you soon.

Love. Webb & Robin, it is now eleven months, two days and three hours since we last spoke.

Masters. Finished the MA guys. And like a nutter went right back.

Nyairoko. “A place so central to my memories was so unfamiliar.”

Origin. How -who- can we be if we do not know where we are descended from?

Possibilities. We start from a point of possibilities. Think about it. Right now everything you ever wanted to be is possible.

Quiet. Stop. Sit still. Breath the silence. Stop.

Risk. Dreaming (again) grand dreams and having a plan.

Self care. Only now learning the import of taking breaks and sitting in silence.

Time. Amazing how time just flies by these days. When we were kids one year felt like five years and now before you know it December sneaks up on you.

Universe. The universe coming together to tend you and your dreams. What magic!

Vancouver. This has to be the best trip i did this year. Still dreaming of all the foods and wine.

Wine. Always have a bottle of wine for the days coffee doesn’t work and the heart is heavy… or for the day you have a story with a deadline.

X. Do you know the painting Madame X by John Singer Sargent? Story around it is quite something.

Yes. Say yes to all the great vibes. But also learn to say no when you sense negative vibrations.

Zeal. Here is to hoping we are stepping into 2018 with all the zeal for life that we can master. Let’s make it epic.

To another great year,



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