-getting inked-

Finally. At the start of this year i decided i wanted to get a tattoo. As the months flew by i just couldn’t get the time. No, really. i was a bit nervous of course given that it’s my first tat. But also i had to make sure i got a good tattoo artist and you know with tattoos you have to be pretty careful.

Then it happened. My buddy S recommended this tattoo shop and i went checked it out and liked what i saw. Hooligan Custom Tattoo on Duckworth St. Pretty nice folks, clean place and good people that gave me all the good vibes. i was sold, obviously. Didn’t hurt that S was also getting hers done at the same time with me.

On the day i walked in confidently. Like a ninja. Haha. No. i was nervous AF. But S assured me i’ll be just fine. Don the artist was also super cool about it. We tried different fonts and when i had one that i liked Don got to work. i have to admit it wasn’t as painful as i thought it’d be. Tiny bit of pain at the start but then i was good all through. Lasted under ten minutes. Didn’t even know it’d be that fast. Walked out of Hooligans vibrating higher and planning my next tat.

Thanks Don. A legend!


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