-Fall 2017 Reads-

Hello book people!

Here are some of the books that I have been loving recently. Some of them are books that have been on my TBR list for ages but I have finally gotten down to it.

I begin as I must (quick fact: I picked this line from a beloved film and I use it all the time) with Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go. This was a recommendation from a friend. Based on how my friend was raving about him, I knew I had to read Kazuo. This particular story is a journey to the past based in England. Btw, Kazuo just won the 2017 Nobel prize in Literature. I am looking into his other work: The Remains of the Day, I hear it is great.

From Kazuo, we move swiftly to Hilary Clinton’s new book What Happened. It is a reflection, an explanation, a conversation. I especially like the wording of the title- very appropriate. For those of us who were (and still are) rooting for Clinton, this is a must-read. Hang on, I think even if you are not a Clinton supporter this would be a great read. Highly recommend.

Next we have two books by Toni Morrison.  A Mercy and God Help the Child. I have just finished reading A Mercy today. A moving book, telling an important story on slavery and written in characteristic Morrison style. I especially like her use of language poetically to weave important questions in text without screaming the questions at you. God Help the Child is equally well written and resonates with these quote I love from Pam Leo:

“Let’s raise children who won’t have to recover from their childhoods”

You know if it is a Toni Morrison book you have to read it so grab yourself these two. Oh and Beloved if you haven’t read it already.

Let us end this list with magical words of poetry by the brilliant and very talented Rupi Kaur. You know Rupi, right.  She gave us Milk and Honey couple years ago. In her recent release, The Sun and Her Flowers, she invites us to step out in the sun, look around us, see all the flowers, the people, the past that has made us who we are. Reading this collection of art, her words evokes a longing in me, I want to know all that has made me the person I am now, the beautiful (flowers) and the not beautiful (still flowers). The Sun and her Flowers is also broader in scope covering a wide range of topics. If you love words and all the power they yield; go get The Sun and her Flowers.

What are some of the books that are keeping you cozy and warmed this Fall?






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