-Vancouver in 24 hours-

Couple days ago i was in Vancouver. Just passing by. Clearly without enough time to do anything. Didn’t help that one of the days it was pouring buckets. Spent that day jet lagged, sleeping, reading and sleeping some more. Yea, not what you want to be doing in a beautiful city like Vancouver. So with just 24 hours and with a rested body and mind i hit the streets of Vancouver. Haha. Not really, but you get the point.

Camera skills so (not) on point 😉

i start, as i must, with food. A friend of a friend was so kind and sweet to take me out to dinner. Her and her family picked me up from where i was staying in Burnaby and off we went in search of good food. We went to Isami Sushi. Now, i am a big sushi head and i was excited. We have quite a variety of sushi spots here in St. John’s and i wanted to see how Isami would compare. Didn’t disappoint. Loved it. It is owned by Japanese people and most of the wait staff are Japanese. Only thing I tried and did not like is the matcha tea. The sushi was great. The service great. Recommend.

After dinner we, of course, went for dessert. My friends asked if i was up for dessert and of course i said yes. Always have room for dessert 🙂 We headed to the best, I mean the BEST, dessert spot i have ever been to. You have to go to La Foret. It is newly opened. Has the best decor ever. It is a warehouse-converted-to-a-bakery type of thing. Absolutely cool. And i guess because it is somewhat new, with a cool crowd to match. Went on a Saturday evening and it was packed. Don’t let the crowd put you off; it is very spacious. With high ceilings and large paintings. An industrial vibe to it. i had a chai latte and an assortment of desserts that we shared and loved. Even as i sit here in cold St. John’s bundled up in layers against the cold November, i can taste the desserts we had. How can you not not visit La Foret when you are in Vancouver?

My host was so sweet and asked me to join her and her friend for some dancing. Of course i said yes. Not because i am particularly any good at dancing or because i love dancing but because you have try everything when you get a chance. Plus she said it is a soul music kinda night over at the pub and i love soul. i was sold. We headed down to broadway, to a pub that i cannot name. Paid a fiver and let the music take us. It is everything i imagined and have seen in films. haha. Yes, i am setting a story right there in that pub. Soon as we got our seats my host and her friend hit the dancing floor. The dance floor. That dance floor was full of 50+ old people i’d say. They fucking killed me. Danced one song after the other. i sat there watching them thinking what fun these people must have had in their 20s. Not even kidding of all the songs they played (there was a live band) i only knew ONE song! Haha. Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars You know the way you suddenly come alive when your jam plays; i was up and dancing to Uptown funk. False. i sat there amazed at how these folks could dance for a whole 3 hours without stopping. In my defense, and my friends will be surprised by this, i was asked for one dance and i said yes. Killed it! Haha. Not really but it was good fun to get to dance because i hardly ever do. As i walked out of the pub and into the night i told myself that will be me in say 40 years? i will never forget the energy in those old people. May you have such energy in your youth and in your days of old 🙂

Finally, the short Vancouver visit ends with food. You can tell i am big on food. haha. Love trying the different foods a city has to offer. I was super excited when my friends told me there is a Turkish restaurant close by. You know it. i had to try it. i went online and checked Anatolia’s Gate and their foods. Man, was i looking forward to some Turkish feasting! i was planning on having cups of Turkish coffee. The one thing i regret is not learning how to make Turkish coffee when i was in Turkey. Anyway as plans always do when you are travelling, mine changed and i didn’t get to try Anatolia’s Gate. But i am going back to Vancouver next year in Summer and this will be my first stop. Can’t recommend it at the moment, but if you are a Turkish food lover go try it and tell me what you think.

Woke up the following morning after a night of ‘dancing’ to catch the bus out to Penticton. I tell you all about my Penticton visit here.

What are some places in Vancouver that i should see next time?



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