-Penticton, BC I adore you-

Hiya good people! How about we head to Penticton, BC for a little holiday. What do you in one week in this gorgeous place?

First off, wine tasting. Yes, this is wine


country people so the first thing you should look to do is wine tasting. I guess this is what I was most excited about. All that wine. But first the vineyards. This was my first time in a vineyard and it blew my mind. Just seeing where all the wine originates from. Simply amazing. There are hundreds of wineries in Penticton. Not even kidding. Every few blocks. First we went to Mission Hill and it fucking killed me. This winery, my host told me, looks like a monastery. And she was right! It is grand. No other way to describe it. There are sculptures dotting the entrance. Which I think is apt given that you expect to see meditating monks draped in orange. You must go to Mission Hill.

We then went to Tinhorn Creek Winery for wine tasting. Now that I think back to this wine tasting I want to lol. I am not a wine expert or connoisseur I am more of a wine enthusiast which means I am still learning the different finishes and what wine is best paired with what so when I tasted the pinot noir and the guy asked what I thought of it I paused for a minute, savoring the wine and with the hallowed voice of a legend said: smoky, smooth. Haha! I also had my first taste of gewurztraminer- a sweet wine- and I loved it. Probably not as sweet as ice wine but still sweet. Of course I have since done a quick Google run on wines for when I visit a winery again. I also came home and bought myself an Okanagan wine since I couldn’t bring any wine home with me.



picking apples like a pro, man!

The land of orchards. Penticton is coloured with orchards. If you go in Fall and you should; there are colours everywhere. A neat work of art. They have cherries, peaches, grapes and apples. Only apples I know are the ones I buy from the store. Imagine how excited I was when I learnt we were going apple picking! There’s an art to it and I mastered it in seconds…haha! Okay, it is not any complicated. It was fun getting to hear about the different kinds of apples and best of all eating juicy apples straight from the tree. Pure bliss.



Skiing. Okay, okay not really. It was barely


Fall when I visited. Anyway, I went to Apex just to see where the great snow sports and fun happen. About 40 minutes away from the city. The drive up there is beautiful. There was a thin layer of snow. But still gorgeous. I sat in the car and imagined myself going down those slopes like mad. Btw, I have never done anything like it so it would be a first and I promised myself I would do it next time when I visit.


view from the Hooded Merganser

Dining. I had the most delicious Indian I have ever had in my life in a small eatery tucked in a corner in town. You might actually miss it but don’t because the food is amazing. If you are into fine dining go to the Hooded Merganser for the view and the food. I had pesto penne and I loved it. The view is bewitching. My hosts tell me that this place is usually abuzz in summer. If crowds is your kinda thing then alright but if not maybe try it in Fall or Spring. Further afield an hour from Pentiction is Kelowna, this is where you have to go for sushi. Just by the Asian market is a sushi place- you can tell I was so hungry for sushi I forgot the name of the place. A neat little place with gorgeous decor and kind friendly waitstaff. Okay, now that we are talking about foods lemmi tell you about the delectable meals my host had for the week that I was there. OMG! I had seconds every time. So good. If you ever read this Cathy; you are fucking amazing and your foods are amazing.

pic doesn’t do justice to the city

See the city. The view of the city by the Penticton sign is just gorgeous. It is a little hike up there so a good thing to do after a good lunch. You can see both lakes; Okanagan and Skaha from up there. The other point from which you can see the city is from the mountains. You can hike up there, take you hours, or like me you can have a kind host take you up on their quad bike. This was my first time on a quad and I loved it. Even drove it for a minute before I had my host (hi Greg) screaming for dear life (haha! Ok, ok, that is a stretch but I was terrible at it) Up the mountains was the best view of the city. I took a picture of it, sent it to my best friend with the caption: this is where we will retire. I am serious btw.

Games. Watch ice hockey. Now, I have only

hockey game

watched (and played briefly in high school) field hockey but never ice hockey. It is the most Canadian thing you can do. Go see some hockey.





After watching hockey, I was then introduced to curling. Never before in my entire life have I ever see such a strange game. Curling. It includes throwing stones on ice. My hosts tried to explain it to me, I sat there nodding and watching thinking wth is this? I really can’t explain it. You gotta see it though. Pretty fascinating.

Clearly a week ended too soon but it was enough for me to fall hard for Penticton. I am already planning my next visit. Thanks to my wonderful friends, Cathy and Greg, who graciously hosted me, fed me amazing food and introduced me to their beautiful family and their gorgeous city. I adore you.



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