29 at 29

At 29:

  1. You are almost done with grad school. It is driving you nuts; you need a break.
  2. Wintry weather messes your flights home.
  3. Home.
  4. Places & people you so deeply longed for do not necessarily long for you.
  5. You are talking to yourself in loud whispers on the streets.
  6. You wear your activism on your rucksack.
  7. Women’s rights, Gender Equity, Youth Empowerment are your top causes.
  8. You are tenacious in your activism.
  9. You become an auntie twice (hey Chief & 14th).
  10. You haven’t written shit in ages. Your publisher sends you little hints (hey Magunga)
  11. You start creating traditions for yourself.
  12. You are so alone that everyday is like eating your own heart but you are in a good place with it.
  13. Your bedroom is walled with words from your reading in rainbow sticky notes.
  14. Your bedroom floor is littered with Junot Diaz, Diriye Osman, Haruki Murakami, Teju Cole, David Baldacci, Dorna Tartt, Alice Walker, Paulo Coelho, Frank McCourt…
  15. You wipe your phone book clean.
  16. You love Turkish language again!!!!
  17. You embrace minimalism. But not books; you start collecting them again.
  18. You still like your coffee black.
  19. You meet the one person who seismically alters your thought pattern (thanks Max).
  20. You pick up Japanese (こんにちは).
  21. You realize how 2013 changed everything.
  22. You are a nomad.
  23. You are calling a lawyer to make plans for when you die.
  24. You make good of your promise to give back (hey Mitslal).
  25. You discover Junot Diaz. He is a fucking awesome writer!
  26. Webb reaches for your hand.
  27. All the things you want to say remain unsaid.
  28. Brooklyn happens.
  29. You are excited about the near future.

To another awesome year.





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