Hiya guys!

Let’s talk about leaving and what happens when you leave.  Oh and by leaving here, I mean leaving home and becoming a nomad for whatever reason.

a random shot from a walk this a.m.-walking helps some

At first you are thrilled with the possibilities that come with being in a new city. A city where nobody knows you, where you could walk into that coffee shop and sit for hours people watching, or walk the streets discovering small eateries and old rustic bookstores.  A city where you can simply do what you want.

This doesn’t always last though, or at least in my case it didn’t. It’s funny how before I left home all I ever wanted was to get the hell out and once I left I started longing for home. You start wishing for the very things that you once didn’t bother about, and everything starts reminding you of home. All of a sudden you are making some pretty ‘homesick’ posts online.

Then one morning you wake up and book a flight home. You are going home.

another random shot 🙂

You get home. Everything is the same and yet everything is different. The people are different. You are different. You can’t quite go back to where you left; not after time and distance.

Then you leave as you always knew you would. But this time you know. You know that things will never be quite the same again no matter how many times you come back.

Here’s to the ones who have left and who share in this feeling.



2 thoughts on “-leaving-

  1. Can empathise with this so much!
    Travel always helps you grow as an individual – but sometimes home doesn’t accommodate for the changes that you’ve undergone. Therefore, you always wanna be on the move!!
    I mean, I’ve been in and out of home for the last few months and am about to head off (to Japan this time) again:)
    cant wait!!


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