-seeing Newfoundland in Newfoundland-

This Friday a friend and I went out to see Newfoundland the band. Newfoundland is an Irish band named after Newfoundland in respect to some of the Irish people who emigrated to Newfoundland years back.

The grand George St. United Church where the concert was held

Well, I must admit I really didn’t know what to expect. The little I know about Irish music I have read in books in passing. I did do a quick online search to see who makes up this band before going to see it. I was impressed.

Folks came out in numbers- older folks I must say- to see this band. I counted very few younger people. All the same, the mood was vibrant as we waited for the show to start. There was an opening act by a local group that didn’t disappoint. Btw, Newfoundland music and Irish music- very very similar. Also, tempo! As in quick tempo.

Opening act by a local band

When Newfoundland finally  came on stage, they were welcomed with applause and you could tell people were excited. Now, this is the first concert I have been to in ages so I was pretty excited. And they didn’t disappoint. The lead vocalist has a voice that men of letters will immortalize in poems She is also very personable. The guy on drums was on fire. And the guitarist? Couldn’t stop shaking his head like a heavy metal rock artists.

Newfoundland the band killing it 😊

They’d take a breather in between songs and talk to the people, make a joke here and there. The hall would explode in laughter during these interludes; only way I know it was a joke. Half the time I couldn’t tell what they were saying with the Irish accent and all.

All in all I really enjoyed the show and at least now I know what Frank McCourt must have been missing when he left Ireland for New York. You’ve read McCourt, haven’t you?

Now I have a taste of Irish music by way of Newfoundland in Newfoundland.



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