when dreams lose the sparkle

At one point in life we all have dreams, some so grand they shake us just by thinking about them, some not so large in scale but nonetheless important and some so crazy we dare not mention them to another. The beauty of these dreams makes us work late into the night or wake up with the birds to make them a reality. Such a fulfilling feeling that makes us believe everything is possible; that feeling pushes us to work and then some.

Sometimes these dreams that we once held so delicately and girded with our lives elude us. They begin to appear impossible; too big for people like us. They begin to sound absurd when we say them out loud. They sit awkwardly in our hearts and if you are like me you start asking yourself what’s the point? But, you don’t give it much thought. You are busy, you are working two jobs or three, you are juggling school and work and family, you have deadlines to meet, obligations and responsibilities. Until you wake up one morning and…Shit! Your dreams are not yours anymore.

It is such a strange feeling when you realize that you let your dreams go though sometimes they slip through your fingers in the middle of the night. Suddenly you want to hibernate (I do this often), you are asking yourself a million questions. You are wondering when you decided to settle for anything.

Machu Picchu- SamCora
Machu Picchu | pic by @sam.cora

In my experience having too much stuff going on at the same time may make you lose sight of the once magical sparkle of dreams. Sometimes though it is much more difficult than that; I have found that just as I often question my existence, if the dreams I have are fairly personal like visiting Machu Picchu I question the why of such dreams. Why do I deserve to see the beauty that is Machu Picchu or the futuristic Tokyo? I don’t know about you but when those near and dear to me are not doing so well, I feel like I have no right to be happy. It weighs me down especially when I am not in a position to help. I know there is nothing wrong in being happy and reveling in dreams but I just can’t help it sometimes. Do you ever feel this way?

When you get into such a rut and dreams are no longer sparkling, you need to take a minute. Take some time off and go back in time to when you first had the idea for the dreams that you have. Allow yourself to feel that sensation again. Engage in things that make you happy, those things that make you dream and create. For some this is a place that makes them happy, for some it is reading, journaling, running, road tripping, writing, singing, music, books…could be anything really. In short, get immersed in the good vibes again. This will get you focused on the dreams again and hopefully you can see the magic in them again.

So if you have been losing site of the magic in dreams recently, like me, this is for you. You deserve the very best. You deserve it all. Your dreams are pure magic; the universe is bound to make them shine.



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