RQ is for Random Question

Hi guys,

For as long as I can remember I am always having these questions that linger; questions that I really don’t have answers to. I mull over these random questions, share them with Asmarah- Asmarah is my journal btw- or sometimes present them to my friends. I have decided to bring them over here and share them with you; hopefully they resonate with some of you. So, RQ is for Random Question.

RQ: What are we doing here?

No I don’t mean here as in here in this apartment, not in this coffee shop and not in this sleepy town. No. I mean what are we doing in this world? Besides school, work and family, what are we here for?

“To live,” I can hear you say.

Okay, but what does living involve besides the basics above? After we have done all the above, can we say that we have truly lived? Alright, maybe there is a higher calling, a deeper reason maybe? What is it? Is it to do good? Good as in give back to society, help our neighbours, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless…Have we then truly lived by doing good? Conversely, what about those who came before us and declothed, starved and left these people we are helping homeless? Have they lived? Is it to self improve ourselves? Does working towards our very best version of ourselves make us truly live?

What if there really is no reason other than making experiences and experiencing them as best as we can?




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