leave the living room light on

to have someone wait up/ to have them leave the front door open/ a dish of Thai Curry/ hot chocolate with extra whip cream/ a little smiley on a post-it with your pet name

to have someone drop you off at the airport/ to have them leave a cheeky note in your backpack/ kiss you goodbye and whisper to you/ hug you tight and linger/ tear up

to have someone pick you up/ to have them wait at the cold lounge/ to pick you a coffee and an oatmeal cookie/ to run through the travelers like mad to hug you/ tear up

to have someone to call/ to know they will pick up/ and when you have but one phone call to call them/ to listen as they promise you all will be ok/ a promise they make good

to have someone waving the flags for you/ be scared as fuck yet brave/ to have a familiar face smiling up willing you on/ to have them excited for that painting you are working on

to have someone stand besides you/ pinch you to reality/ bring over a Cabernet sauvignon for your big day/ and when you break down and you will/ to hold you tight

to have someone with the guts/ to call you out when you start shitting around/ to have them sit you down over dinner/ look you in the eye/ and tell you to step up

to simply have someone who will leave the living room light on to guide you home when the darkness out there gets stark.


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