28 at 28

I recently turned 28 and in no particular order here are 28 things that I have learnt:

1. Always keep your word to yourself; do all those things that you keep saying you will do.

2. Surround yourself with people and stuff that make you happy; there’s power in positive energy.

3. A nomad leaves a little piece of her soul everywhere she goes.

4. Sometimes you are homesick for a place you’ve never been to and for a person you’ve never met.

5. When you travel go local, make the effort to meet and make friends with locals they know where all the good sushi is.

6. You will drift apart from people you were once close with; value the friendship you shared and let them be.

7. Be the person who picks up that phone to check on your friends, sometimes that one phone call is all that matters.

8.Let people know what you think and be honest about it.

9. Don’t assume things, ask questions.

10. You can never go wrong with a cup of coffee…black, the bitter the better.

11. It’s okay to be different or what will sometimes be called ‘weird’ or ‘mad’. Be mad.

12. Let the people you love know you love them. Some will just thank you, haha, tell them anyway.

13. Learn a language even if it’s as hard as Sanskrit you will need it for 17.

14. Send your friends letters, snail-mail them. If not letters, send them cheeky postcards…even when they don’t write back.

15. The greatest present you can gift yourself is NOW.

16. Do not be afraid to take risks; climb that mountain.

17. Travel, see the world.

18. Nothing like an oatmeal cookie. So sweet. So bad. Life’s too short not to have a cookie.

19. Nurture your friendships and relationships, this is what matters.

20. Pursue your dreams, even if it means starting over every now and then. It’ll happen with time.

21. The only limit to how much you can dream is you; go wild.

22. Dreams come true.

23. ‘Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic’

24. Repeat that book that made you so deliriously happy. For me that is ‘The Tender Bar’…have you guys read it?

25. Quality over quantity.

26.Stay active; go for a walk, a run, take that yoga class, sign up for a gym membership, go for another walk and pick up some cookies from the corner store on the way back.

27. Be brave; you got this.

28. And finally only one thing and only one is required of you; be awesome.

To another great year,



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