-i think of you often-

i think of you often. of all the things i want to say. have not said. dunno how to say. i write you often. last week i sat down on my desk in this white room. surrounded by books because the people i house with are also book lovers. you would love it. i sat … Continue reading -i think of you often-


-sampling art in Newfoundland Foundry-

A friend recently invited me to go to a sculpturing studio and while i am not a big fan of sculpture as an art i gladly went with her. I loved it. The Newfoundland Foundry gentle people:

-the winner stands alone-

Today is the most important day of your life. Your happiest. You have reached and gained purchase. And yet you sit alone; your left and your right blank. Today is also the saddest day of your life.

-the last time i am homesick-

The last time i am homesick i am sitting in a theater hall. It is packed. i am here with friends. The show opens with a song that reminds me of honey. let the birds of the air tell mama that i miss her. this song breaks and balms my heart at the same time. … Continue reading -the last time i am homesick-

-Sept 2013-

i sit here sun shining bright and magical just as it shines at home kisses and welcomes me home wind singing in a hum that lulls me soft and gentle not as angry as the Winter winds in Antalya the waters flow in perfect harmony. i sit here and go back go back to Sept … Continue reading -Sept 2013-


Junot Diaz, in one of his works, describes a father as a hard thing to compass and so is death. are we walking towards death is death coming at us are we dying a little every day * i sit in the woods the white chair out of place in the woods awkward yet in … Continue reading -death-

-book thrifting-

Hello book nerds, I love a good book hunting session. Forget the upmarket bookstores that come equipped with a coffee shop and have such stands as Summer Reads just at the entrance. I love quaint second-hand bookstores. I mean I will go to the upmarket bookstores because let's be honest coffee and books? yes please! … Continue reading -book thrifting-